The Agora Livestock Marketplace is the fastest advertise for livestock you want to buy or sell.

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How does it work?

Leverage greater market access and reach

Download the free app.

The Agora Livestock Markets app doesn’t just help you quickly advertise livestock you are selling, it also gives you access to prices and saleyard reports as they happen.

Download Agora Livestock Markets on Apple Download Agora Livestock Markets on Android

Create a listing.

Creating a listing on takes less than 3 minutes and can be done from the paddock or yards. Simply complete the mobile form, add some pictures and set a target price.

You can create a listing by selecting Mareketplace > Create Listing in the app.

Leverage greater market access and reach
Leverage greater market access and reach

Share your listing.

Think of your listing is like a carsales.com.au or realesate.com.au listing for your livestock. Once you’ve created it, share it as many ways as you want with simple  sharing features for social media, SMS, whatsapp, the Agora Livestock network and more. 

Sell with confidence.

The Agora Livestock Marketplace is not an online auction platform or trading platform. It’s a platform that gets your livestock in front of more buyers, but you choose which buyers you sell to

Leverage greater market access and reach

How to create a listing. 

  1. Download the Agora Livestock Markets app and register
  2. Go to the Marketplace menu and select Create Listing
  3. Complete your profile (you only need to do this once)
  4. Complete the form and press Submit
  5. Once your listing is approved (this normally takes less than 5 minutes), you will receive an SMS and email, it will be shared on the Agora Livestock Marketplace and you can share it quickly using the fast Share buttons

Download Agora Livestock Markets on Apple  Download Agora Livestock Markets on Android


What does is cost?

Creating a listing is free and we only charge a fee if we find you a counterparty. It’s up to you whether you choose to deal with the counterparty we find you so if you dont go ahead with the purchase/sale then there’s no cost. If you do, we work on $1/head for sheep and goats and $6/head for cattle. We also offer different rates for people doing large volumes or livestock agents. 

Do we have payment guarantees or insurance?

No, we dont offer insurance or finance. With Agora’s Livestock Marketplace – you can choose which buyers you sell to. If you’re uncertain of a counterparty we recommend using an agent or simply not selling to them. 

What about agents?

Agents play a critical role in livestock markets. Our aim is to increase market access for anyone selling or buying livestock. Agents can create listings, or you can create a listing and add your agent’s details. As an agent, you can also create a listing and share it with your network before releasing it publicly.
  1. Visit our marketplace today to see listings from agents already on the platform
  2. Contact us to find out about our agency specific features

Can I use it to advertise stock I’m selling at the saleyards, online or that will be available at a future date?

Absolutely. Too often buyers don’t know what stock is going to be available until it arrives at saleyards or an online auctions . You can create a livestock listing on the Agora Livestock Marketplace for stock you are sending to the yards and use it to advertise them before the sale. And you can do this months before they are ready to be sold. They may even reach out to you before the sale… 

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