About us

Agora Livestock was created to break down the barriers between livestock sellers, agents and buyers.

Cutting the fat out of the livestock industry.

Our story

The platform is new but our experience is not. Agora Livestock was founded in 2018, and initially called LIVEstock Pricing. Since then it has evolved from a simple service that shared livestock prices, to an online platform providing price discovery and market access in Australia’s livestock markets.


Our team

Rob Kelly

Managing Director & Founder

Rob has been instrumental and the brains trust behind Agora Livestock. He grew up on his family’s farm in Kojonup before spending a decade as a grain buyer – this experience has given him a strong appreciation for the challenges of both buyers and sellers. Agora Livestock was built to deliver a better and more efficient outcome for buyers AND sellers.

Tracey Dodds

Head of Operations

Experienced Trader with a demonstrated history of working in the international trade and development industry. Skilled in Management, Trading, Risk Management, Derivatives, and Business Strategy. Strong finance professional with a Bachelor of Commerce (B.Com.) focused in Banking and Commercial Law from Curtin University of Technology.

Greg Harvey


Greg is an experienced and entrepreneurial agribusiness leader with over 25 years’ experience in the Asia Pacific region. He has held roles including CEO and MD of Interflour Group and CEO of Andrew and Nicola Forrest’s agricultural investment vehicle Harvest Road Group, which includes Harvey Beef. Greg has a deep knowledge of the global strategies and trends that will determine the future of the food industry.

Peter Toll


Peter grew up on his family’s sheep stud in Wagin. Today he is BDO’s lead Partner for M & A within the Perth Advisory team and one of the two International Liaison Partner’s for BDO Australia. Peter is BDO’s National Lead for the Food & Agribusiness Focus Group. Peter has a track record of investing in successful start-ups that have gained international traction.

What is Agora?

The ancient Greek term Agora referred to a central public space in a city – it was a public open space used for assemblies and markets. It provided a workspace, a market, and a place to communicate freely. The name has strong alignment to the products we are creating, providing a central place for buyers and sellers to communicate efficiently and simply.



Agora Livestock was built on the simple belief that buyers and sellers of livestock should be able to find one another. That in today’s technology-driven society, buyers and sellers shouldn’t be limited to yesterday’s saleyard prices to make tomorrow’s decisions. Sellers should be able to find out who wants to buy their livestock and buyers should be able to find people who have the livestock they want to buy.


We believe buyers and sellers should decide who they deal with, not someone else. Agora Livestock doesn’t buy, sell or trade livestock and we aren’t a livestock agency. And this independence has been critical to our position in the market. It’s our independence that has allowed us to earn the trust of over 12,000 producers and 100 livestock buyers and has driven the product to where it is today.

Accessibility to prices

We don’t force buyers and sellers to change how they do business, but instead, equip them with the tools to make better-informed decisions and access more markets.

Need help?


  • Use the Agora Livestock Markets app for free to discover prices directly from buyers
  • Pay only upon agreed transaction ($1/head for sheep and goats and $6/head for cattle)


  • Easily create and manage your prices
  • Tap into a network of trusted sellers
  • Negotiate and make bookings in an instant