Bairnsdale Cattle Report

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Meat & Livestock Australia Saleyard Reports

Report Date: 17th May 2024

Total Yarding: 1,774


There were approximately 1770 head penned representing a decrease of 230 head from the sale of a fortnight ago. There was a large crown of locals and a few orders operating from Northern Victoria however most grazier demand was coming from West and South Gippsland. There were a couple of processors seeking slaughter and feeder cattle while feedlot orders were quiet. Quality declined with more mixed breeding throughout the sale. Prices were mostly firm for the better breeding while some heifers sold up to $150/head dearer however a large proportion of plainer conditioned cattle of questionable breeding sold at cheaper prices in line with quality.

The top of the weaner steers made $1,220/head for 17 Angus weighed at 342kg or 357c/kg. The average for Angus weaner steers 330-400kg was $1,165/head and 324c/kg. The top of the yearling steers made $1,830/head for 8 Herefords weighed at 565kg or 324c/kg. A small selection of heavier steers reached $2,110/head for 5 Black Baldies weighed at 683kg or 309c/kg.

The top of the weaner heifers made $970/head for 12 Angus weighed at 358kg or 271c/kg. The top of the yearling heifers made $1,300/head for 5 Brindle crossbreds with some condition weighed at 540kg or 241c/kg. The small selection of cows with calves at foot sold from $930 to $1,700/outfit.

Market reporter: Brendan Fletcher.

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