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Report Date: 12th June 2024

Total Yarding: 1,470


Numbers continue to roll in as the Winter sell off continues for a yarding of 1,470 head which was down by 200. Young cattle were well supplied and there was a good penning of cows. The yarding of young cattle consisted mainly of vealers and weaners, while there was only a few pens of yearlings offered. Quality of the young cattle was mixed with a large percentage of weaners starting to show the affects of the Winter, however there was several runs of well bred cattle through the sale.

The market varied with light weight weaner steers and heifers holding firm, while the medium weight steers experienced falls of 5c to 10c ranging from 234c to 384c for a average of 323c/kg. Restocker weaner heifers were down by 10c to 20c selling from 180c to 276c/kg. Yearling steers to background toped at 328c and the yearling heifers sold to 320c/kg.

The yarding of export cattle consisted of a few pens of grown steers and heifers, while there was a good yarding of cows. Grown steers sold to a top of 275c and grown heifers reached a top price of 256c/kg. The cow market struggled to hold firm with 2 scores selling from 150c to 180c and the 3 score medium weights averaged 189c, while 4 score cows ranged from 200c to 221c/kg. Heavy bulls sold to a dearer trend selling to 240c/kg.

Report compiled by
Doug Robson

CBH Fertiliser

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