Corowa Sheep Sale Report

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Corowa Lamb Market Report

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Report Date: 27th November 2023

Total Yarding: 11,575


Lamb numbers lifted and there was a good spread of weight through the sale but was best supplied by light store new season lambs. There was a good line up of shorn and woolly trade lambs and a small but very good run of shorn heavy and extra heavy lambs. Most of the usual buyer were operating and the market sold to dearer trends.

New season store lambs to 16kg sold from $20 to $78/head, the latter for first cross ewe lambs. Prime trades ranged from $96 to $118/head averaging 480c to 500c/kg cwt or around $5/head increase. Heavy weights 24 to 26kg ranged from $121 to $130/head or 485c/kg on average and heavy weights 26kg and heavier $126 to $136/head and ranged from 450c to 495c/kg cwt.

Shorn trades lifted at similar rates and ranged from $83 to $114/head. Heavy weights sold from $116 to $138/head or 485c/kg for the shorn new season lambs, extra heavy lambs ranged from $147 to $164/head averaging 465c/kg on average. Hoggets sold to stronger trends reaching a top of $91/head.

Mutton numbers lifted and the quality varied. Prices were considerably dearer with heavy crossbred ewes lifting $60/head reaching a top of $108/head and heavy Merinos with a long skin, $96/head. Medium weight ewes sold from $38 to $72/head almost lifting 150 percent on some mutton.