CQLX Gracemere Cattle Report

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Report Date: 17th April 2024

Total Yarding: 4,723

There was another increase in the yarding at CQLX Gracemere sale with 4723 head penned – an increase of 2913 head over last week. Cattle came to hand from local areas, north to Collinsville and south to Cracow and Miriamvale. There were several larger lines penned. Although the usual panel of buyers were present, some did not operate as keenly as last week and there were some negative averages throughout the sale.

Light weight pens of yearling steers reached an occasional top of 423c/kg, averaging 351c to 371c/kg for large samples of well bred cattle. Medium weight pens of well-bred steers averaged 316c to 330c/kg. Light weight pens of good quality yearling heifers returned averages from 243c to 253c/kg with one pen of breeder quality grey brahman heifers going to a breeder as replacements for 349c/kg. Medium weight yearling heifers sold to average 235c to 256c/kg.

Feeder weight grown steers made from 266c to 305c/kg, whilst a few processor bullocks sold to 266c/kg. Trade weight grown heifers topped at 252c/kg to average 238c/kg for the best. Grown heifers to feed sold to 265c/kg, recording averages from 238c to 253c/kg. Four score cows averaged 194c/kg for light weight pens to 211c/kg for the better heavy cows. Heavy bulls sold to feed averaging 215c/kg, with processors averaging 200c/kg for theirs. Cows and calves sold from $1,275 to $1,500 per unit. Reporter: Richard Thomson

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