Dalby Cattle Report

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Dalby Cattle Report

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Report Date: 29th November 2023

Total Yarding: 4,003


Interim Report. Good falls of rain over the supply area had no effect on cattle numbers at Dalby as producers took advantage of recent price improvements. The number of stock penned lifted by 2,280 head to 4,003. Cattle were drawn from a wide area with 876 from far Western Queensland and included one consignment of 770 head. Also 268 from New South Wales and 83 head from South Australia. A full panel of buyers was present and similar to the previous week not all were operating. The regular feed and trade plus restocker buyers were in attendance and active.

Yearling steers and heifers to feed at the time of this interim report have gained a further 20c to 50c/kg. Bullocks to export processors averaged 15c/kg better. Medium weight plain condition cows to restockers averaged 20c/kg dearer. However heavy weight cows to export processors could not maintain the improved levels of the previous week and averaged 5c to 10c/kg less.

Heavy weight yearling steers to feed made to an isolated 342c to average 319c/kg. Medium weight yearling heifers to feed averaged 272c and made to 309c/kg. Heavy weight yearling heifers to feed made to 302c to average 272c and processor lines made to 299c/kg.

Bullocks made to 307c to average 290c and full mouth bullocks made to 267c/kg. Medium weight cows to restockers made to 202c to average 194c/kg. Heavy weight 3 score cows to processors averaged 210c and good heavy weight cows made to 235c to average 219c/kg. Heavy weight bulls made to 270c/kg.

Market Reporter, Trevor Hess.