Deniliquin Sheep Report

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DeniliquinSheep Report

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Report Date: 16th Aug 2022

Total Yarding: 10050

Numbers jumped to more than 10,000 head as the centre held its first major spring market which included the opening runs of new season young lambs and Merino and crossbred ewes being sold post weaning and shearing. Quality also dramatically improved on the plain winter yardings of recent weeks and combined with the bigger supply, the sale attracted 12 processing orders including both major supermarkets. As a result lamb prices were noticeably dearer than a fortnight ago, and also slightly stronger than more recent sales held in the past 5 days.

All agents led with young lambs which were mostly estimated in a range of 21-26kg and sold from $188 to $215/head at 800c to 850c for a ballpark average of 830c/kg cwt. There was more weight and quality in the shorn lambs and the well presented lines in short skins sold from $190 to a top of $240/head.

Some of the best shorn trade lambs, 22-24kg cwt, averaged just over 800c/kg cwt. Bidding still remained selective over smaller penlots of old season lambs, or those in rough skins and the general run of crossbreds varied from 700c to 780c/kg cwt. Trade Merino lambs in good skins sold from $148 to $166/head, and lighter types from $125 to $144/head. The supply of light lambs under 20kg cwt was limited.

The sheep run included some quality heavy and trade Merinos plus a few lines of big crossbred ewes. The mutton market remained under pressure with demand coming from just a few buyers who weren’t prepared to chase the market. Extra heavy Merino ewes sold between $164 to $188 and crossbreds to $180/head. The main run of tradeweight Merino ewes sold between $128 to $166/head. The sale showed a spread of 450c to 550c/kg cwt for averages of 500c to 520c/kg on the key Merino ewe categories.

Market reporter, Jenny Kelly.