Dubbo Cattle Sale Report

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Meat & Livestock Australia Saleyard Reports

Report Date: 23rd May 2024

Total Yarding: 4,108


Numbers jumped and the quality was fair to good. Medium weight feeders were well supplied and there was a very good run of well bred heavy weights which were in demand. Trade cattle were in short supply. There were good numbers of 2 and 4 tooth steers and heifers but most were lighter weights, under 500kg and lacking cover. Prime cattle were limited. The draw was for 1200 cows and the quality was mixed. Market trends varied on different categories.

Weaners eased 50c and the medium weights steers returning to the paddock reached 375c and heifers ranged from 250c to 292c/kg. Medium weight feeder steers were firm to 5c cheaper and sold from 276c to 368c/kg for C muscle. Heavy feeders were 10c dearer and reached 382c/kg for just under 500kg. A plainer run of medium weight feeder heifers averaged 25c cheaper selling from 248c to 310c but heavy weights were 8c stronger with the bulk selling from 280c to 308c/kg. The limited supply of trade cattle were firm to dearer with most selling from 270c to 324c/kg.

Prime grown steers and bullocks were up 3c selling from 286c to 348c/kg, heavy heifers lifted 15c 296c to 325c/kg. Leaner steers to feed sold from 242 for crossbred up to 380c for 2 tooth steer in forward condition. Cows were cheaper with the medium weights 40c softer, the majority 155c to 218c and heavy weights were 25c cheaper with the bulk 210c to 254c/kg.

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