IRLX Inverell Cattle Report

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IRLX Inverell Cattle Report

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Report Date: 28th November 2023

Total Yarding: 1,232


Inverell numbers increased by 1106 head to 1232 mostly good quality cattle although plainer grades came through with drafts of Bos Indicus types. Weight and quality improved through the heavy yearling steers and heifers to the trade. The regular buyers attended but not all competed on cows. Trends varied but were generally dearer for the feeder and background types.

Limited weaners saw steers sell to 348c/kg and heifers 316c/kg to restockers. Light yearling steers to background sold to significantly dearer trends and the feeder drafts were considerably dearer selling to 318c/kg. Medium weights to feed saw a major rise of 35c/kg and heavy feeders sold to 286c/kg. Heavy yearling steers to process were 14c/kg better and averaged 263c/kg.

Light yearling heifers to background were substantially dearer although the feeder portion slipped 27c/kg and reached 292c/kg. Heavy heifers to feed on were dearer and sold to 300c/kg.

Grown heifers reached 240c/kg to the trade and 260c/kg to feed. Medium cows made 100c to 175c/kg while the heavy cows were 6c/kg cheaper and sold to 229c/kg. Heavy bulls were dearer and made to 248c/kg.

Stephen Adams MLA