Mt Gambier Cattle Report

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Report Date: 22nd May 2024

Total Yarding: 1,154


Numbers climbed this week at Mount Gambier as agents yarded over 500 more with a total of 1,154 head coming forward. These sold to a small field of regular buyers along with feeder and increased restocker support this week. Quality was average at best with signs of the poor season on show over the pens. There was a large number of lightweight open auction calves on offer as the market sold to cheaper rates.

Yearling steers to the trade made from 255c to 315c as similar heifers returned from 240c to 293c/kg. Feeders were active as they sought steers from 170c to 333c and heifers from 132c to 289c with restocker support over both sexes from 202c to 308c/kg.

Grown steers and bullocks lost up to 20c as they sold from 275c to 320c with feeder activity from 240c to 359c/kg. Grown heifers attracted the trade from 180c to 299c to drop 25c with feeder support here from 190c to 285c as manufacturing steers sold from 140c to 200c/kg.

Heavy cows made from 215c to 252c to also lose 25c as lighter lots ranged from 155c to 210c with the trade, feeders and restockers all active as bulls returned from 170c to 210c/kg.

Market Reporter Peter Kerr

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