Muchea Cattle Report

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Muchea Cattle Sale Report

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Report Date: 27th November 2023

Total Yarding: 987


It was a similar size yarding to last week just down slightly by 134 cattle with a very mixed quality Yarding and the usual buying group were all present. Steers in all weight ranges posted gains of 15/20c today with keen interest from several Live exporters while heifers held firm. Cows and mature bulls remained equal and the odd pen of pastoral heifers on offer again proved difficult to sell with very little interest from restockers.

Vealer steers under 280 kg’s improved 20c to reach 260c and weights up to 330kg’s realized 250c while pastoral steer calves sold to 150c/kg. Vealer heifers faired better as they got heavier ranging from 124c to 190c/kg. Yearling steers weighing up to 330kg’s sold to 224c while heavier prime steers selling up to 248c and pastoral steers started at 100c up to 202c with more weight and condition. Yearling heifers weighing up to 330 kg’s sold to 208c and over 330 kg’s making 130c to 170c/kg while lighter pastoral heifers were again very hard to sell ranging from 10c up to 130c in better condition.

Grown steers returned 150c to 216c while Grown heifers sold from 120c to 174c/kg. Feeder cows sold from 30c to 130c while medium cows selling up to 158c and prime cows reaching 160c/kg.

Shipping bulls made 140c to 228c while the best young bulls back to the paddock realized 240c and processing bulls sold from 140c to 170c/kg.

Market reporter Terry Birkin.