Naracoorte Sheep Market Report

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Report Date: 28th November 2023

Total Yarding: 11,283


Lamb supply came back further to 6,347 which was 4,296 less compared to last week. Quality was again mixed with less heavy weight lambs offered, a good portion of trade weights and many pens of suitable light lambs for the processors and restockers. The regular buying gallery attended and operated in a dearer market with demand lifting. Heavy to heavy trade weight lambs sold mostly from $10 to $15/head stronger with a few isolated sales during the market higher. The medium to light trade weights were $5 to $10 dearer and light lambs sold from firm to $5/ head up on last week. Local restockers purchased good store lambs from $32 to $92 and from $2 to $36/head for lighter lots. Heavy hoggets some to stronger competition selling from $52 to $93 and the best of the Merino hoggets made $53 to $62/head. Old lambs sold to $105 and a pen of heavy shorn lambs made $152/head.

Light lambs to the processors sold from $42 to $90/head making between an estimated 400c to 480c/kg cwt. The secondary light trade weights made from $76 to $106/head averaging 470c to 480c/kg cwt. Medium trade weight young lambs sold from $94 to $130/head as they averaged an estimated 510c/kg cwt. Heavy trade weight new season lambs sold from $129 to $140, export lambs made $140 to $160 and the few pens of extra heavy lambs made $165 to $178/head. Prices ranged for the well presented heavier lambs from 520c to 550c/kg cwt.

Sheep rejoined the weekly market as 4,936 were yarded. Quality was mixed with most weights and grades represented. The mutton also sold to a dearer trend from $10 to $20 when compared to the last mutton sale. Light mostly sold from $12 to $40, medium weight crossbred ewes were from $26 to $49 and the Merino ewe portion made $39 to $50/head. Merino ewes with cover sold from $41 to $74, heavy crossbred ewes made $40 to $60 and a sale of heavy Merino wethers sold to $75/head. The best of the rams offered made $10 to $12/head. Many sales averaged between an estimated 160c to 190c with the good Merino mutton from 200c to 220c/kg cwt.

Market Reporter Tim Delany