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Report Date: 21st May 2024

Total Yarding: 300


Quality was lacking as agents offered 300 liveweight cattle and 90 open auction calves.
Trade competition was erratic on the few suitable cattle with these improving 5c to 10c/kg on the previous sale as a mixed selection of cows eased 20c to 25c/kg. Restocker buyers booked a reasonable number of the score 2 younger cattle at marginally easier rates on the previous sale.

Vealer steers sold from 200c to 302c as vealer heifers ranged from 124c to 232c/kg. Yearling steers ranged from 180c to 310c with yearling heifers selling from 148c to 296c/kg.

Grown steers sold from 240c to 292c with grown heifers selling from 220c to 296c/kg.
Medium weight cows sold from 100c to 210c with heavy cows ranging from 170c to 210c as bulls sold from 170c to 220c/kg
Market reporter: John Traeger.

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