Scone Cattle Report

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Report Date: 21st May 2024

Total Yarding: 1,063


Light drizzle through the sale and a surge of 676 head saw agents yard 1063 cattle. Cold and wet weather starting to take effect with a noted change in quality starting to slip. A bigger range of yearlings on offer, a fair contingent of winter weaners and around 200 cows were offered. A large crowd on hand although not all of the regular buyers were in attendance, mixed market trends throughout.

Re-stocker steer weaners started cheaper but gained momentum throughout the sale to end up 5c/kg dearer 220c to 376c/kg, heavier types over 330kg to the lot feeders 38c/kg dearer 280c to 364c/kg with some excellent offerings of British and Euro breeds. The best B muscle local butcher calf made 362c/kg. Re-stocker heifer weaners were back 25c/kg trading between 246c and 332c/kg with the urgency to procure lacking from buyers as compared with last weeks light numbers. Over 330kg to lot feeder orders firm to 13c/kg dearer 290c to 328c/kg.

Lot feeders were the strength with the medium and heavy yearling steers remaining steady 306c to 358c/kg. Heifer counterparts up by 36c/kg making from 248c to 332c/kg. Heavy grown steers and heifers to the exporters 250c to 278c/kg.

Cow market cheaper, 2 scores off the pace by 13c/kg 154c to 230c/kg, pregnancy tested in calf cows to the re-stockers 216c to 222c/kg. Heavy prime 3 and 4 score Cows 6c/kg cheaper 234c to 248c/kg and the best heavy Bull reached 240c/kg.

Angus Barlow for MLA at Scone.

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