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Report Date: 22nd May 2024

Total Yarding: 1,290


Another busy day with consignments lifting by 200 head as agents penned 1290 mainly good quality cattle. Full pens of weaner cattle dominated the yarding, there were a few yearlings to suit feed lot operations, only a handful of local butcher calves, a sprinkling over older steers and heifers to suit export orders and around 140 cows offered. Most of the regular buyers in attendance market trends varied throughout the classes, influenced by breed, quality and weight of numbers.

Weaner re-stocker steers firm to easier 200c to 396c/kg with the better bred lines selling to similar rates as last week averages were back however as the secondary types sold to vastly cheaper trends. Over 330kg saw little change to the lot feeders selling from 308c to 362c/kg. Re-stocker heifer weaners were 16c/kg cheaper trading from 230c to 318c/kg, over 330kg were generally in fresh condition and were snapped up by the lot feeders selling from 302c to 326c/kg.

Heavy feeder steers over 400kg were10c to 26c/kg off the pace making from 260c to 350c/kg. Heavy Bullocks to the exporters steady making from 260c to 272c/kg.

Light 2 score cows heading to the paddock 13c/kg cheaper trading between160c and 218c/kg, heavy 3 and 4 score Cows up to 8c/kg softer realising from 220c to 245c/kg.

Market operator Angus Barlow.

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