Forbes Sheep Sale Report

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Forbes Sheep Report

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Report Date: 16th Aug 2022

Total Yarding: 29350

Numbers eased this sale with lambs showing the change. Lamb quality was mixed but fair with a good offering of finished lambs available along with the plainer types. There was a good offering of heavy and extra heavyweight lambs penned. The usual buyers were present and competing in a dearer market.

There was 3,200 new season lambs offered and prices lifted $4 to $5/head with lambs to 26kg selling from $185 to $215/head. Old lambs started strongly but eased slightly as the sale progressed to hold firm to $5/head better. Trade weight lambs sold from $155 to $195/head. Lambs to 26 kg ranged in price from $186 to $217 with extra heavyweights lifting $8 on a better offering to sell from $204 to $288/head. Carcass prices averaged from 754c to 800c/kg.

Mutton numbers lifted and quality was fair. Prices were strong with Merino ewes selling from $148 to $185/head. Crossbred ewes sold from $145 to $209/head with Merino wethers reaching $195/head.

Market Reporter, Krystelle Ridley.