Guyra Sheep Sale Report

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Guyra Sheep Report

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Report Date: 3rd Aug 2022

Total Yarding: 1950

Lamb supply decreased to 1,385 and 565 sheep at Guyra. Quality was mixed for the small yarding but it did contain some very good heavy lambs, a mixed selection of trade weight lambs and lighter pens suiting both processors and restockers. The usual buying group attended and operated with much weaker competition and demand compared to a fortnight ago. Light lambs were mainly from $10 to $15 easier and in some places back further, medium and heavy lambs sold from $20 to $30/head cheaper. Restockers purchased lambs from $52 to $100 and light Merino lambs from $28 to $69/head.

Light lambs to the processors sold from $70 to $75 and the light trade weights sold from $75 to $107/head as they averaged 500c/kg cwt. Medium trade weight lamb pens made from $110 to $132/head and averaged in costs from 570c to 590c/kg cwt. Heavy trade weights sold from $140 to $150, heavier 25kg to 26kg cwt lambs were from $150 to $170/head and they averaged from 600c to 650c/kg cwt. The heavy to extra heavy lambs made from $168 to the market top of $200/head and averaged from 580c to 600c/kg cwt. Hoggets sold to $130 and the Merino lambs with cover made from $108 to $135/head.

A mixed quality penning of sheep with prices also of a much easier trend for mutton. Light sheep were $9 to $25 easier, the medium mutton came back $20 to $30 and the heavy weights on average were less affected selling $3/head cheaper on last sale. Very light sheep sold from $37 to $65/head. Light weight mutton made from $51 to $85, medium weights sold from $110 to $139/head with costs for sheep with cover selling from 410c to 500c/kg cwt. Crossbred wethers reached $130 and the heavy crossbred ewes sold from $141 to $171/head. Merino rams of mixed quality made from $20 to $75/head.

Market Reporter: Tim Delany.