Shepparton Cattle Sale Report

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Shepparton Cattle Sales

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Report Date: 28th November 2023

Total Yarding:  1,600


Numbers jumped as to did prices across nearly all grades of cattle. There were 1110 exports, of that 490 were cows and another 490 were trade cattle.The biggest shaker and mover of the day was the yearling steers, which saw a 30 to 40c increase. Feedlots, restockers and processors all competed for cattle that hit the weight target, consequently pushing prices higher.

There was a line of Simmental/Limousine cross vealers that topped at 302c/kg. The yearling steers made from 208c to 270c/kg. Not many yearling heifers about, with several going to feedlotters. The medium and heavy heifers made from 195c to 253c/kg to be 10c/kg better.

The quality of the export lineup was vastly improved, as numerous pens of heavy C3 and C4 bullocks were offered along with significant numbers of large framed in excess of 700kg, Friesian steers, all carrying condition. Price rises of 20 to 40c were seen on those, reaching tops of 224c/kg. Prices were stronger by 12c/kg for the heavy bullocks. The 500 to 600kg C3 & C4 steers made from 212c to 269c/kg. The 600kg plus bullocks made from 215c to 242c/kg. The beef cows made from 185c to 226c/kg. The heavy dairy cows made from 165c to 206c/kg.