Wagga Sheep Market Report

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Wagga Sheep Sale Report

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Report Date: 23rd November 2023

Total Yarding: 49,000


The lamb market at Wagga saw a decrease in numbers despite the dearer sale the previous week. What made this sale stand out was the prevalence of plainer quality store conditioned lambs, a trend that agents noted as unprecedented at this market. The scarcity of heavy lambs drove prices up by around $10, sparking more competitive sales. Shorn lambs attracted a premium, fetching a top price of $180.

Heavier young lambs, in short supply, fetched between $148 to $178, averaging around 550c/kg cwt. Trade lamb prices varied based on quality, with better-finished ones commanding up to a $7 increase, while drier, plainer types saw a dip of $8/head. Buyers were selective around quality, with most sales ranging from 530c to 610c/kg cwt. Processors showed a keen interest in light lambs, which sold between $40 to $88. Store lambs destined for the paddock exhibited a wide price range, selling anywhere between $40 to $106. Hoggets were in favour selling $58 to $110 a few sheep sold early with prices $7 to $12 dearer Please. NOTE there are no last year’s old lamb in the data.

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